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charles ashton

Photo: Zephyr Liddell

Charles (Charlie) Ashton writes children’s stories, adult books, poetry and some songs. Since the publication of Jet Smoke and Dragon Fire in 1990 (now Part 1 of the one-volume Dragon Fire trilogy), Charlie has produced various other published titles, all on (or in most cases now off) the “children’s market”: Billy’s Drift, Time Ghost, Ruth and the Blue Horse, The Giant’s Boot, The Boy who was a Bear, and The Snow Door. His latest effort, The Smoke People, is currently looking for a publisher in a world that seems to have turned cut-throat enough for the ‘nineties to seem like a lost time of bumbling gentlemanliness. Charlie has long since abandoned earlier attempts to establish himself as a Poet, and renders his activities in this field meaningful by writing poems dedicated to family or friends, thus ensuring some degree of (at least polite) feedback.

Short stories available on Amazon for Kindle: The Page-Boy and the Stars, The Sundial and Manhunt in Golden Mall.


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  1. Pam

    🙂 very good indeed

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