Manhunt in Golden Mall

Manhunt in Golden Mall by Charles Ashton

Cover design illustration by Rachel Ashton


“Where are we going, Baddo?”

“Today, my friend Nazir, we are going to the Golden Mall”


“Because I’ve found out that’s where my Dad works.”

“I thought your dad made drains.”

“That’s just my step-dad. This is my real-Dad.”

“I didn’t know you had a real-Dad.”

“Everyone’s got a real-Dad, nob-head. It’s simple biology. But not everyone knows who he is. Like me, I didn’t know, but now I do know. His name’s Fernandez Wheeler and he works in the Golden Mall.”

A shopping mall is either a very ordinary place or a very bizarre one. How bizarre it can be is experienced by Baddo and his friend Nazir when they go off to search for Baddo’s missing father. This is the first story in a series about the mysterious Fernandez Wheeler.

This story is available to buy on Amazon for Kindle.

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