The Page-Boy and the Stars

[excerpt]The Page-Boy and the Stars, by Charles Ashton

A story of Good King Wen

It was a dark night of winter, and the page-boy was amusing himself with the King’s telescope. Or rather, he was trying to amuse himself, but the telescope wasn’t being very amusing. The sky was as full of stars as bubbles in a bottle of champagne, but every time the page-boy pointed it and peered, all he could see was blackness, and it wasn’t because he’d left the cap on. “Stupid thing’s not working,” he muttered.

Just then the king called. “Come here, Page, come and stand beside me.”

So begins the journey of the page-boy: a mystic journey that takes him to the ends of the universe and back, that confronts him with questions about the true nature of the universe and the nature of truth, and brings youth and age together over a log fire. At once illuminating and baffling, The Page Boy and the Stars is a story for a cold winter’s night.

This story is available to buy on Amazon for Kindle.

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