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The Devil’s Riding Crop.

Anna tells me that typically people who are reading a blog will have four other screens (or windows or whatever-you-call them, “doofers” most people around here would say) open at the same time, and that is why I should make my blogs shorter: because these people are to-ing and fro-ing all the time, reading a bit here, skimming a bit there, busy busy. So, wow: five Doofers at a time….. I remember seeing David Bowie doing that on The Man Who Fell To Earth, though wasn’t he a bit – well, alien?….

Nevertheless, whilever I can still Feel the Devil’s Riding Crop on my backside – and can still exult in the illusion of being able to outrun it – I shall seriously endeavour to mend my ways.

Another example of my dinosauritis has surfaced in my attempts to download (or upload, or crossload, or whatever it is) the audio file of “The Eagle and the Egg”, this being the second of the Vowel stories with which I tried to illuminate my illiterate youngsters. These attempts (the cross-loading, not the illuminating) have ended miserably so far but we think it’s more because of the imposing presence of the Aberdeenshire hills than anything else – ie. our Broadband is not as your Broadband is. My little laptop appears to lose concentration after the first forty-five minutes of grinding effort, despite my injunctions to shut down after NEVER minutes. We’ll keep trying. In the meantime I’m going to add some more poems from the now famous Scarlett edition, plus a couple of extras to make the number up to ten: ten poems makes a nice little group (or deciad as we call it in the trade), not too big to be intimidating, not too small to make me feel I haven’t done anything; and then if I decide to put in any more I can pop it somewhere into a little Doofer where it’s not in the way. This lot may go back even further than the first two, I can’t really remember, definitely 1980 though.

We were down in St Andrews last – no: I feel that whack, whack on my rump and I shall stop…..

PS. (not that easy to get me to shut up, is it): if you’re wondering where you heard that Devil’s Riding Crop thing before, it was Leonard Cohen. Rachel and Anna gave me a tape for my birthday nineteen years ago (remember tapes?), which I still have, of The Future, and that’s where it’s from. The Future, as you may recall, “is murder”.

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